Die Doppelschnecke


Preliminary draft for the Düsseldorf trade fair 1974–1975

When I invited tenders for the competition for Project K’75, Coop Himmelb(l)au emerged as the winner. That was our first collaboration.

The trade show pavilion made a huge splash at the K’75 in Düsseldorf, the world’s biggest trade fair for plastic and rubber. The pavilion was the reversal of what was a major principle of trade fairs till then: presenting machine after machine in order to supposedly create the best atmosphere for sellers to make sales. We turned this principle inside out. Knowing that trade fairs were strenuous and draining for the visitors and buyers, we created quiet, relaxing spaces where clients were able to rest and reenergize in order to then be more receptive to the sales pitches of our floor staff. This booth was so successful that it was subsequently reused three times.

I thank Kurt Wayd, the CEO at the time, and my colleagues on the board of managers not only for taking this brave step with me but also for making this project their own.

Hall 12, booth 12037 at the Cincinnati Milacron
presentation area: 728 square meters (7,850 sq. ft. approx.)

Exhibition pavilion, two stories, double-barrel-shaped comfort deck
26 m long, 8.5 m wide, 6 m tall

Construction: modular steel frame structure in 2-meter-grid, bolted, extendable;
service floor: 8 conference studios;
audio-visual communication center, audio and slide show, teleprocessing;
2 kitchenettes, 2 storage rooms;
upper floor: comfort deck, bar, sunroom, relaxation area, 2 loungers with bio-electrical continuous field, 2 club areas, coffee shop, air conditioning, sound system;
3 switchboards, 15 extensions.