Pop in Vienna

Troedeltreppe 1965

The Pop Art shop was a scream. It looked great, just like the shops in London in those years – bright yellow, bright blue, bright orange and bright red. The shop sold merchandise that was nonsensical but lovely, designed by Carl Auböck, or imported from Gordis in Italy.
There were British posters, self-adhesive tattoos, giant paper owers. Heinz Lindinger and I also came up with things ourselves, like the Pop calendar and the Pop spring cube. Our idea was to take these products and others we brought along and package them in cans. You had to use a can-opener to open the cans. Pink Floyd was blaring in the background all the while.
The university was calling, so we sold the Troedeltreppe again after four months.

THANKS to my business partner Gerhard Ita for having had the courage to go on this adventure with me.
THANKS to our architect, Heinz Neumann, for the most Pop-ish design ever seen in Vienna.